Junior Java Developer

 2690 Karlslunde, Danmark

The role

Sabre CMS is built on a bleeding edge technology stack, which revolves around the use of Clojure and JBoss. We are seeking a Junior Developer with good Java skills and motivation to learn. The perfect candidate is smart, quick to learn and curious about new technologies. A good understanding of Linux based infrastructure is a plus.

As our junior developer, you will be writing code, which powers our backend services, including the editor. That means that the job contains interesting challenges in both front- and backend. We are frequently adding powerful features to Sabre, without ever allowing pages to load slower than 700 milliseconds. Most of the frontend code is either generated by Clojure or written in Javascript. To be successful you need to learn working in both spaces.​


  • ​Continuous development of both front- and backend features​
  • Optimizations across the system​
  • Maintaining Documentation/Tests
  • Occasionally adding Enterprise features per customer requests​


We dont care if you're formally trained or self-taught, we are primarily interested in your skills. You must have good Java skills and a general good understanding for software development, we’ll teach you the rest.

About you​

  • You love pushing technology to its limits
  • ​Your mental clock speed is high, and so is your motivation​
  • ​You are pedantic about efficiency and quality​​
  • ​You work systematically and with great attention to detail​

​Bonus: You've built some Open Source tech, that's used in the wild.​

About us

We are here to change and innovate a business that to the end-user has always appeared to be closer to black magic than skill.​ In a small team running at full steam, you will be able to catch the ball and run with it. Taking responsibility for the work you do and with a passion that shines through in everything you do.​

Our office is right on the beach at Karlslunde, free parking and close to Karlslunde station. The office is located in a newly restored building, which we share with RoundSquare and Unicanet. A web design agency and a classic web agency specialised in lead generation. It's spacious with plenty of natural light, meeting room, kitchen, great coffee and fitness ​close by.

​Sabre CMS needs people like you, who can hit the ground running, and who thrive by learning something new every day.​​ Someone who loves the feeling that any task completed has a direct influence on the company. Generally we are more interested in your smarts than your education. More in your work ethics and motivation than your background - And finally, we just want great people to join a great team, have lots of fun with us and disrupt an industry that badly needs disruption!​ Read more about Sabre CMS on www.sabrecms.com. 


Send your application to Michael Kock from EasySearch, who handles the recruitment. You apply through the button "Ansøg" below. You can contact Michael Kock on tel. +45 42 78 42 78 or mko@easysearch.dk. Read more about EasySearch at www.easysearch.dk. We process the applications on a continuous basis, and we close the process once we have found the right candidate. So the sooner you apply, the better your options.

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